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MISSION Advancing Palestinian refugee women rights in Lebanon, Gender equality

Program Rationale
Aims and Objectives
Planned activities
Location and target population
UN women

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MISSION 'Advancing Palestinian Refugee Women Rights in Lebanon Gender Equality'

Women’s empowerment enhances women’s participation and increases women’s voice, leadership and influence over decision-making in all spheres of life. It advances women’s civil, political, socio-economic and cultural rights, which create a fair distribution of power and translate gender equality policies into concrete systems for implementation. It also transforms institutions and promotes access to gender justice.


Conduct a situation analysis and needs assessment study on the targeted communities and the different identified stakeholders.
Develop an action plan on combating gender discrimination against women within the Palestinian community in Lebanon

Raise awareness and capacity building workshops on: human rights for women, gender equality and leadership, monitoring and documenting gender-based violations, claiming the rights “legal aid and psycho-social assistance for women”, justice and rule of law


Carry up activities (seminars, discussion panels, advocacy meetings, public events…etc) that support the Lebanese women associations’ initiatives in amending discriminatory laws against women such as (nationality law, personal code, criminalizing domestic and family violence…etc)
Address justice and the rule of law issue through holding awareness raising workshops, and meetings with Palestinian political leaders and security committees within the Palestinian camps.
Hold a conference at the end of each year to share the outcomes, results, challenges and difficulties of this project

Produce 4 bi-yearly reports about thematic situation of Palestinian women within Lebanon.
Develop a webpage within our website for the project for further awareness, and dissemination of the project’s carried activities, achievements, outcomes …etc
Produce promotional and educational materials including documentary film, brochures, posters and simplified educational booklets about women rights and gender equality


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